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Name Qooper Mentorship App
Category Communication
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Score 6.0
Publish Date 20/05/2022
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Qooper Mentorship App

Qooper Mentorship App Game Introduction :

Qooper Mentorship app is a tool within Qooper Mentorship Platform (Mentoring Software) to \”Onboard, Engage, Track\” mentorship activity.

*Only the users with invite codes can access the app.

Please contact sales on for setup and receive invite codes.

This app is customizable and brandable for organizations and their mentorship programs.

Once downloaded and joined, the app will request an invite code. The invite code will be provided by the program manager.

The program manager will obtain the invite code from the admin dashboard that is provided to them by Qooper Team. ( to talk to sales: )

To obtain passcode:
1. Talk to Qooper sales
2. Qooper team will set up your admin dashboard
3. Sign in to your admin dashboard
at this point you will be able to view the invite codes and distribute them.

– Brandable iOS & Android app
-Sign in/Log in
-Join organization
-Profile creation
-Program goal instructions
-View matches (view mentor or mentee profile)
-Video Call
-Meeting Scheduler (for in-person and video call)
-Calendar Sync
-Meeting Notes
-Task, Goal, Milestone, Objective assignment
-Push Notifications

The goal of the Qooper Mentoring app is:
1. Provide accessibility and convenience
2. Maximize engagement
3. Track mentorship activity for data collection
4. Learn mentee needs
5. Engage with Organization

Qooper Admin Dashboard:
( please talk to Qooper team for setup:
Admin dashboard is a visual management tool for the mentorship program.

– Matching tools: Auto-match, multiple matches, and manual matching
– Organization engagement tools: events, news, announcements
– Participant Activity Timeline: view all the mentorship and organizational activity for a specific participant since the beginning of the program.
– Measurements regarding the program: Number of conversations, messages sent, number of in person or video call meetings and their duration as well as the match percentage. Number of tasks completed and allocation of data about mentee\’s areas of need…

This app and the Admin Dashboard works collectively as the app feeds data to the admin dashboard and the admin dashboard sends push notifications automatically on new matches, events, news and announcements.

Qooper Mentorship App + Qooper Admin Dashboard:
– Onboard
– Match
– Mentorship Engagement
– Organizational Engagement
– Track
– Measure

which covers the features needed for an interactive and measurable mentorship and engagement program.


Qooper Mentorship App Game screenshot :

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