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Maths for Secondary Education

Maths for Secondary Education Game Introduction :

First of all, we would like to point out that the text of the app is in Spanish, but we believe that it is very intuitive and easy to understand.

With this app, you will be able to check the results and solutions of your mathematical operations so that you will not know the details of the operations, only the final result. This fact is what makes it attractive for teachers and students, especially of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), although there will be features that also serve for primary and/or even university mathematics. With this app, you can only check that you have done a good job but not copy the process. Currently, there are many math apps that give all the detail, but \”Mates para ESO\” does not, so it is proposed even for use in math exams, as you will only know how you have done, but you can not perform the full exam.

You can also mark those tools that you use the most as Favorites, and thus, have faster access to all your favourite calculation tools.

You will get more utilities on arithmetic, algebra, analysis, geometry, statistics, probability, combinatorics, functions, etc., but in this current version, you will have all the tools you need. but in this current version, you have at your disposal the following mathematical results and solutions checkers:

We have added a graphing calculator so that you can graph any function or equation or mathematical expression. For example, it will be very useful for solving systems of inequalities. We want to thank Desmos for his help in this topic.


You will be able to determine if a number is prime, find the smaller prime numbers of an introduced number and factorize a number in prime numbers. Calculator of the maximum common divisor (m.c.d.) and minimum common multiple (m.c.m.) of n numbers, as many as you want, 1, 2, 3, ….n.


1.- System of 2 equations with 2 unknowns (2×2). Once calculated the solutions you will be able to see its solution graphically, representing them graphically.
2.- System of 3 equations with 3 unknowns (3×3).
3.- Equations of second-degree. You will be able to solve these equations, study their solutions, find the equation from the solutions or roots, and factor in a trinomial.
4.- Biquadratic equations, you will know real or complex solutions of equations such as ax^4+bx^2+c=0.


1.- Study of functions. You can make a complete study of 5 types of functions and obtain their graphs: linear affine, identity function, constant, inverse proportionality and quadratic. You will study domain, path, continuity, maximum and minimum, cut-off points, periodicity, growth and decrease, symmetry, etc.
2.- Study of the slope and the ordinate at the origin. By means of sliders, you can vary the value of the slope (m) and the ordinate at the origin (n) so that you can see what happens with the function both for its equation and for its graph.
3.- Study of the parameters (a,b and c) of a quadratic equation. By moving the sliders for each parameter you can see how the equation and its graph vary.
4.- Equation point-slope. Find the function from the slope and a point, or from two points.


1.- Use of Ruffini\’s Rule to divide a polynomial of degree n by a binomial (x-a).
2.- Factor and Remainder Theorem.
3.- Calculation of roots of a polynomial.


1.- First-degree inequations with one variable.
2.- First-degree inequations with two variables.
3.- Inequalities of second degree with one variable.
4.- Systems of linear inequations with one variables.
5.- Systems of linear inequations with two variables.

More tools will be coming soon. We hope you like it.

Maths for Secondary Education Game screenshot :

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